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You Do Not Know What You Can Learn

March 2, 2011 by  
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As a new nurse started, I remember something more to learn every day new. Our institution has a few doctors who are legendary for their temperament. I have always been the kind of person who wants to understand why I’m doing something, and would always ask why?

Why are we doing this? Why we do this? Why is this going to work?

One day I was preparing to angioplasty in a patient and the patient was critical, high levels of potassium. When you see the doctor (and expect kaexylate order), I got an order for the amplifier and the D50, and insulin. When the nurse asks everyone in my unit and find all the books I have found a drug, I have not found an answer. I gave up drugs and monitor levels of potassium in the patient in the instructions and quite sure it was healed.

When the doctor came later unit (of course, the famous temperament), to the surprise of my colleagues, I simply asked: “Why do we do this, and why it works? He said luckily for me and gave me thanks for asking, actually. I also said it was good to have a nurse wants to learn and out of his way to show me new things and worship me is the patients, colleagues and doctors.

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