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7 Things to Do Before Taking Your CNA Exam

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The nursing assistant exam is your gateway into becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. As such, you want to make all the necessary preparations to help you pass your exam. Contrary to what you may think, your preparation should not be limited to taking review classes and studying with a group. Here are seven things you must do before taking your exam:

Prepare your requirements before taking the exam.
The CNA examination is taken at certified testing centers all over the country. Each one follows its own rules but there are a few common rules. For instance, you have to arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam. It is a good idea to prepare everything you need the before the exam. Keep in mind that you have to present two forms of identification.

Arrive in the testing center early.
Test centers are regional or local depending on the CNA state board. If you must travel long distance to get there, do it days before the exam. Scout the area and find out the quickest way to get there. This is to avoid any hassles on transportation during the exam day.

Take the exam in top shape.
You want to be alert and focused while taking your CNA nursing exam. Get enough sleep and take a day off from work before the exam. Eat a light and well-balanced meal as well. Bring protein snacks to eat during the exam such as nuts or cheese crackers. Avoid taking alcohol and caffeine before your exam.

Keep your personal belongings in check.
The testing may be cold so it is best to bring a light jacket or sweater to keep you warm and comfortable. Leave some of your belongings such as purses and cell phones outside the testing area. Calculators and other references are strictly prohibited. You do not want to get caught with one of these during the exam. All you need to take it will be provided by the testing center.

Read the instructions carefully.
The CNA examination provides examinees with clear instructions on how to answer the questions. As such, it is in your best interest to read and understand the instructions before answering. Keep in mind that if you fail to follow instructions, all your answers will be marked wrong which has a significant impact on your test score.

Read the questions carefully.
Do not be in a hurry to finish your exam. Before answering a test question, be sure that you understand what is being asked. Go over the question once more if you must. If you can figure it out, skip to the next ones and come back for it later. Do not forget that you skipped a question though.

Set a positive attitude.
After all that preparation, the moment of truth finally comes. Take a deep breath and relax before picking up that pencil. Fill your head with positive and believe in yourself. You can pass and you surely will. Next thing you know, you have passed your CAN examination.

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