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Are CNAs Backbone Of Hospitals

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There was s story about CNAs complains to hospitals from reddit. I quote here for you guys that learn about what is the role CNAs are. I would like to know what do you think about this case study.

My mother has worked at as a CNA for our local hospital in small town Iowa for YEARS. She just sent me this message.
“Just to let you guys know, in 2012 the hospital stopped reporting our (the CNA’s) hours to the state. As a hospital they are not required to hire CNA’s, so they felt it is not their responsibility to report our hours, but never bothered to tell any of us. As a result all of us have lost our state certification. As long as we are employees at (name of hospital), it doesn’t matter that we are not on the state registry. But if we wish to change jobs at any time, it does become a problem I found all this out due to the fact that my friend quit the hospital and was looking for a CNA job else where. Well you know your mom, I am now the advocate for the CNA’s at work in the fight to get the hospital to help get our certifications back. Right now the hospital seems to be willing to help out any way they can, but we’ll see if that’s true.”

I guess this is more of a rant than anything, but because of the hospital, none of these women (and a few men) can quit their jobs without making themselves unemployable. I hope it turns out well, but the leader at our hospital is not a very nice man when it comes to things like this.

“I have already contacted a lawyer and he says if the hospital doesn’t help make it right that we do have a very strong case, and if the hospital doesn’t make it right I will be contacting the media, fair employee organization, a lawyer and anyone else I can.”
My mom has never been one to just roll over and take it.