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How To Transfer a CNA License

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If you have a CNA license in one state and want to work as a CNA in a second, you must transfer your Certified Nursing Assistant license. Another word for this process is reciprocal. You must reapply for certification when you decide to work in another state. During the process of reciprocity, other state will review your credentials as a licensed practical nurse prior to approval and put your name on the State registry nurse aide.

There are certain steps you must complete the reciprocal process:

First, you must call the nurse to its current state aid register. Their request to offer an application of reciprocity. Also, be sure to specify whether to send the form to register themselves or in another state.

Second, Call the office for National Register and others to inform them of reciprocity. Ask them if you must send the form to them. Each state has its own preferences. Some States prefer to get the form from your registry nurse aid, while others need you to send it directly.

Third, If the new government asks you to send the request directly, do it as fast as possible. It could even agree to ask the fax of the request. Also, ask other documents you need to send. Let them know the address where you can send your card again certified nursing assistant.

In addition to the application, you may need to send copies of the following. These include your Social Security card, an identity document with photo, your current approval of CNA and a recent payslip to prove that you worked as a nurse's aide in the last two years.