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Next Step After CNA

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Preparing for a State-accredited competency test is your next step after completing a CNA certification program. In most States, one must take the competency exam within 2 years from completing a CNA training program.

Students who complete state approved programs of nursing assistant are the only ones allowed to take the exam for CNA certification. Nurse’s aide training and competency evaluation programs approved by the Registry, Nurse Aid, which is held in many states. If you are looking for a certification program for CNA’s decent, this article provides important information you need.

Although State-approved certified nursing assistant programs follow different educational models and offer different courses, they all have the following in common:
– Clinical supervision for 40 to 80 hrs
– Academic training for 75 to 150 hrs
– Training covers infection control, safety procedures, emergency procedures, interpersonal skills and resident rights
– A Registered Nurse with at least a year of experience in long term care supervises training

Almost every nursing education run by the State helps place the site but there are some that offer distance education. Search the State offered the Certification Program Normally colleges, community colleges or centers, nursing homes or long-term care facilities programs team of CNA. The official government agency in any state is responsible for approving and regulating these programs. Some of the different services that the state uses to regulate training programs in nursing: Department of Professional Licensing Department of Public Health, Department of Public Health, Ministry of Education and State Board of Nursing.

Certification of CNA programs take three months to complete, but still depends on the requirements of your state of residence. better control of the regulatory status for details.