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Recertification Guidelines CNA

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CNA recertification process will be held every two years. It is a condition of every state board of nursing, and should be followed. In this article I will discuss the guidelines for the recertification process.

The criteria to get recertified is very clear. You must have worked as a nurse for more than 150 hours during the past two years. The number of hours depends on the state you are certified in some states have more than 200 hours while others can be a bit softer. This ensures that the nurse is at the forefront of changes occurring in the workplace. You do not want someone who is not familiar with the latest technologies to your nurse.

In addition, the labor requirement, it is important to be a living force in the United States to approve or proof of citizenship. You can usually give a copy of your passport if you are a U.S. citizen, or a copy of, if you have a work visa or green card.

Felony convictions must be reported to the commission. If you keep something hidden, and the State Council finds that it is likely to be removed from the register of the CNA.

cna nurse

cna nurse

The recertification can be found on the website of the Council of State. You can download the form and fill out your personal information in the first section. The second section should include details of the employer. This is supposed to be completed by your current employer if you work. If you have been unemployed for some time have an employer who has spent the past two years to complete it for you.

Once you have completed the form, send it to the address that the board of nursing registered on its website. It usually takes two weeks for the recertification process to conclude.

If you have not worked in the last two years, you have to take the certification again. You need to prove their first CNA certification and then take the test a second time. The license is renewed successful.

If you spent more than five years since he worked as a CNA, you must start training and certification testing. Again, this is to ensure that the CNA was kept abreast of developments in the work environment.