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The Requirements of a Certified Nursing Assistant License

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The studies of the CNA course lasts for about one to six months depending on the course for which you have registered. However, after completing this course you need to appear for a state license exam, which has a theoretical and practical component. In addition, there are certain requirements for a CNA license.

Following are the requirements of a certified nursing assistant license:
Age: The first important requirement of certified nursing assistant license is the age limit. For obtaining a CNA license you need to be eighteen years or above.
Competency: After you finish certified nursing assistance course, you need to pass a theory competency course, which ensures that you have completed the entire course successfully. This includes forty hours clinical training under the supervision of a trained nurse.
High School Studies:
Next, for obtaining the license, you need to show proof of your high school studies.
Transcripts: After this, you need to submit an original document of the college curriculum to licensing staff.
Background Check: With high incidence of drug-related problems within the country, background checks are now mandatory. For completing this requirement, you need to give your fingerprints to licensing authority. They check these fingerprints against a criminal database. It is very important that you have clear records.
Tests: To obtain the license, you will have to pass the theory and licensing manual tests. You can take these tests online. Moreover, you can appear for this exam thrice to improve on your results.
English Proficiency: You need to talk and understand the English language, as many patients converse in this language.
Wrongdoings: There should be no abusive or neglect findings against you when you apply for this license.

All these are essential requirements for obtaining a certified nursing assistant license. If you pass all these requirements then you can easily obtain your CNA license.

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