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What Exactly Is Need Be A CNA or RN

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First of all, we have to know what is title what is degree and what is license. For instance, RB is a title and BSN just a degree. To be a RN, you ca reach that via two ways: Associate degree in Nursing and 4 year Bachelors Degree in Nursing.

I know that is hard to get 4 years Bachelors Degree, so thats why many private school doing nursing program. I found an answer to this question from yahoo answer. So i quote here:

“There are two separate things here: first is the nursing Degree (The bachelors in nursing) which requires graduation from a nursing school that confers this degree. What they require to get in (CNA first etc) depends on the school. Then there is the LICENSE: that comes from the state and allows you to be a “RN” after you pass the NCLEX. YOu are not a “RN” until you pass this test. The reguirements to take the NCLEX are graduation from an accredited nursing program, either a BSRN or an associates RN. RN to BSRN are programs for ADN RNs who want to get the bachelors. not people who are not a RN already. Straight BSRN programs are for people with out the RN first.” source :