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What Can I Do If Having Financial Stress Study Nursing School

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People often work hard to study in order to get a good job and at the same time may having Financial Stress. There is a case my friend does: I am a LPN and single mother of 2 children. I am currently in nursing school to pursue my ADN and will follow with my BSN, then MSN (NP or CRNA). The problem I am facing is financial. I know that school is difficult and with 2 kids and working part time, sometimes full time just to pay bills and make my ends meet, gets tricky. I have been thinking of moving back in with my mom just to get my education completed. That way I would have less stress and help with the kids. I will stay have bills to pay, but on the positive side I can pay off old bills and get my credit back together. I just can’t make up my mind because I never thought I would be moving back in with my mom, who is more than willing to accept us, after all these years and its kinda hard for me to make this move, only because I feel like I would be giving up my privacy. Should I tough it out and continue to struggle living on my own, or should I suck it up, move in with my mom and just get it done?

The best solution would be: Moving in with your mom is the best choice to help eliminate at least some of the stress. Also you will have the chance to focus better on your educational goals this way, if she is of great help to you and supportive.

I must admit I also relied on my mother for entire days of child care while I was in school and mind you I was married but my husband worked 12 hrs shifts and was not able to handle 4 kids.

You will not regret it… just focus on the goal…it is long term but time passes quickly, and then you will be ever so grateful to her as I am to my mother..good luck.