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Pocket PC Nursing Software On iPhone

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Do nurses and nursing students really need iPhone or iPod touch?
iPhone or iPod touch can enhance your productivity and maximize your learning and working experiences if you learn to use it.
However, unless a specific device is required by your facility or nursing school, all nurses and student nurses can succeed without one. Sure you need 3gs iPhone cases.

What does Go Student Nurse recommend?
* iPhone 4 16GB or iPod touch 8GB or 32GB (4th generation)
* Only get more memory if you plan on having a lot of music, video, or images.
* If you buy a used iPhone or iPod touch, you may have battery or hardware problems without a warranty.

With the launch of the 2007 iPhone, 2008 iPhone 3G, 2009 iPhone 3GS, and 2010 iPhone 4, Appleā€™s iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 4 have gained the momentum to become the dominant hand-held computing and communication devices in the consumer and medical markets.