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A Difficult Time Starting Your Nursing Career

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Q: I am a recent nursing graduate in NY, and on my way to get my license as an RN. As far as the economy goes, there is a hiring freeze almost everywhere and it’s so frustrating for newly graduates to get one. Not to mention, employers prefers RNs with experiences, and of course citizenship. I am legal to work in this country, but I am no citizen with no experience as well, which puts me on the very back of the list. So now, I’m planning on getting health care related certificates to boost up my chances for getting employed ’til I get a real job as an RN -just looking at other options, rather than waiting for God knows how long.

Now the dilemma is this, I am under qualified to work as an RN due to lack of experience, and its looks like I ain’t getting any because there is not much opportunity at this time for new grads. Plus, it would be harder for me to go find a job due to my status. Thus, I am willing to step down for a while until the economy eases up a lil bit for people like us, and bumming around will certainly not help me at all. So, I am just wondering whether or not I’ll be categorized as over qualified if I do step down, since I have a degree in nursing / college graduate for health care related jobs other than being an RN (i.e. med assistants / receptionists). I am not sure if getting additional certificates would hurt my chances of getting employed since being a nursing graduate is already considered as over qualified for a job like CNA/receptionists/med assistants. I just wanna hear insights from other people’s perspective.

A:I’m in a similar situation. I’m a US citizen, but I no longer want to work LTC, and since that’s all that’s available in my area, I want to put nursing aside until I can take a refresher course, which will mean moving.

Have you considered working flu clinics as a side gig? You don’t have to be a citizen, and it’s nursing experience. My state has a practice requirement, and I think that counts. I plan to work immunization clinics as a side gig, which means keeping my license(s) current and keeping my malpractice insurance.

A:So sorry you are having such a difficult time starting your nursing career… this economy sucks, doesn’t it?

I would advise you to make sure you understand your state Board’s position & rules/regs on ‘under employment’. In most cases, you can easily find this information in an FAQ site or through a position paper on this issue. RNs are still held to the same standard of professional practice, no matter what job you are filling. So you may find yourself in a real pickle if you are working as a CNA and come across an issue that you need to fix, but you don’t have any real authority to do so. You could find yourself caught up in a malpractice issue even though you haven’t even started working as an RN. YIKES.

Good Luck with your job search.