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A Little Intimidated By The First CNA Job

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The first clinical experience in the RN program, we have essentially done the work of CNA. In my opinion, God bless the CNA, actually work for their money. I’d like to hit the burn out plans 6 months. personal care for a male perspective, you get over the fear of a short period. People who should not be used for the treatment of men and women. I can assure you that they are usually nothing to make sure that you have.

A funny story … I do not think this is part of the practice of the CNA, but the first time you insert a catheter into a patient, long-term care, which was literally pouring sweat. I was so nervous and I was so … no. It took me forever but I finally did. I apologized profusely for my error and I looked and realized I was sleeping! Both can be achieved with minimal education and the burn rate is not as high. In addition, these positions provide IMO experience more health oriented. -CNA, if you disagree w / this, please enlighten me.

I recommend looking at other positions in the entry if you think the ANC can not be for you a few suggestions …; PCT – Patient Care Technology, EMT – emergency medical technology.

Well this is from a girl’s perspective, but…

I took a CNA course as preparation for nursing school and I am still currently part-time as a very CNA just to keep the skills. My first day as a clinical CNA – I was shocked! He was in a care facility long term. This is a fantastic opportunity and I like to work now, but when I saw exactly what they wanted me to do, I thought I might rethink this whole thing.For most of my CNA Clinical took my almost knew it was very intimidated and made things more and let me watch and help. Well, I took a job at the center of LTC and put me on the floor with no guidance at all, because they thought I had trained as a CNA, so it should be good to go … uhuh ..

I was 8 complete care residents, all elevators and most could not speak coherently. I did not know who needed what and when or anything, and at the end of my first job was on the verge of tears – I had not taken a break and sat down in 8 hours I was completely overwhelmed. I was seriously thinking of saying to the lady who hired me that it was not for me but when I went to my car at the end of my second shift CNA, I worked with me said it will soon be better and easier. So I kept with it and now I have been a CNA for 7 months and believe me – it becomes much easier. Most of the time, I even had time to take my breaks, I know my residents and their needs today, and I feel competent in what I do and what I mean.