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A Real Nusing Life It Did Not Happen Overnight

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That did not happen overnight, but over time Jane was afraid to go to work. there were periods without enough people to meet new technologies to implement without adequate training. Manager Jane constantly looking over your shoulder and there was no possibility of a new idea, a profusion of all fires that have been discharged. Jane was flat stressed and had started to fall ill. When he was about to appoint a doctor who was drafted right time to quit your job. Jane suffered several causes of stress (as defined by the National Institute of Health and Safety), the lack of:

1. Knowledge or control of the business objectives or organization

2. A link between the conduct of work and objectives of the organization and training

3. Support – technical training, time, financial and management

4. Positive reinforcement

5. participation in development processes and / or review of six positive and productive relationships between management, associates and partners.

The cost of stress is typical of Jane almost 50% of workers today. Talented but disillusioned employees cost companies $ 300 billion in health care costs, absenteeism, turnover, workers compensation, and litigation. Stress contributes to chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, according to the Miliken Institute coast of the U.S. economy more than $ 1 billion per year. Forty-five percent of a company’s after tax dollars go to health care costs.

Cures Wellness programs stress and lifestyle were carried out in 43% of businesses and individual help to focus on reducing symptoms of stress among employees through employee assistance programs, health screenings, and health, nutrition, and exercise supervision. The results of these interventions can be measured by medical evaluations and health care claims. However, an important element, the new generation of programs to reduce stress at work with the leaders of the organization to identify, measure and tackle the causes of stress in the workplace. Using a specially designed processes, training and coaching to improve various systems including strategic planning, communication, support, reinforcement and feedback.

The results are measured through health care, absenteeism, turnover, accidents and costs. Both include the software is ideal. Working with employees and management to get the maximum benefits for physical and fiscal health of society.