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A Story Of Cath Lab Nursing

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I was a telemetry nursing in one more years which is a very valuable time in my career life. From the most simple of all kinds of Arrhythmia in Acute Inferior Anterior/Posterior Myocardial Infarction, Hypertrophy, Patterns, Pacemaker and WPW Syndrome I all understand to all kinds of EKG, plus I like communicate with people’s personality, born from patients, colleagues in next to each department staff can talk a few words, work atmosphere is relaxed, I love my colleagues and my colleagues also very love me; Pay more 25% in two years, I feel very happy, think you must have the ability of.

But my heart has been have a little voice: “I will climb higher, until I can no longer climb up”, even if I very satisfied, even can think in this unit do retire, but I still don’t force yourself to change, because since the childhood education told me: no progress is regressive; Soon after, I went into core units: department of Cath Lab.
Enter the Cath Lab the first week, I busy to adapt to the strange of air conditioning cold and heavy out of lead. Because I’m a whole unit is one of the most thin, smallest colleagues particularly to a XS of lead clothes for me, although the Cath Lab, temperature is very low, but colleagues enthusiastic attitude, let I kept telling myself: my choice is right.

The next few weeks, my body is Mired in never-ending routine: intubation, drug delivery, drug delivery, intubation, fixed Angiography, Pacemaker and Cardioversion treatment every day, treat colleagues in little conversation, patients are probably scared to say anything, I kept and heavy lead garment and conventional fighting, busy but very boring, I began to suspect that he got the job burnout syndrome? Isn’t this so quickly lose enthusiasm in nursing?
Such situation last half year, I make a phone call to master the guidance of the teacher for help, hope she give me some encouragement, let me find enthusiasm motive force; Lion, today she call me leave the Cath Lab, also very severely scolded me, she said my personality doesn’t suitable for this kind of airtight unit work, communication is my strength and Cultural’m, technical routine will driving me mad, I was very defy spirit of refute her: many hospital director and I’ve talked to Cath Lab is one of their many work experience, is a core unit, the department of the people to be able to do, I also won’t have problem.

cath lab nursing
Spent four months then I forced myself, I remember that year that time, I am intent on ability to prove himself to others, and will be completely lost its personality and likes and dislikes, clinging to the pursuit of the so-called success, others the results themselves don’t like people don’t like ghost ghost, although win others’ applause, but I was not a bit happy, jointly and severally, came close to lose in my nursing career.

Since transferred to CCU, I felt unprecedented light touch, also because of the experience of ten months, let me know more about ourselves, and to determine their own direction in life, my life, happy is the most important thing.