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Being A Nurse Is Now One Of The Most Lucrative And Fastest-growing Occupations

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One nursing field is expected to increase in demand for gerontology. As people age faster now on average, older patients were taken into nursing homes and hospitals have grown up. Based on the study, patients older than 65 years make up 60% of adult visits to primary, 48% of hospital admissions, and 85% of residents in the nursing home.

A study by the Health and Safety Administration projects that by 2020 the demand for nurses held in the following percentages: 66% of nurses in nursing homes, 72% for licensed practical nurses and vocational and 69% for certified nursing assistants. On the other hand, the demand for nurses in home care (including “managed care settings to nursing homes) projected to increase at a rate much higher, more precisely to 250%.

Therefore, if you are thinking about starting a career as a nurse or if you are, you can expect thousands of jobs in nursing homes and extended care facilities. It would be nice to have an open mind about this race. Geriatric nursing has evolved over the years, and the idea that a nursing home is a depressing place full of elderly and hopeless is just a cliche. You might be surprised that nursing homes offer today.

Unlike their predecessors, the latest generation of older people more independent, energetic and determined. This has led to major changes and development in the long-term care for seniors. The following options are available for you if you decide to build a nursing career in gerontology.

There are very few older people who need care 24 hours, and most older people need minimal supervision. Homes for the elderly, nurses on the site is available to assist residents with their medications, perform basic medical tasks (eg monitoring blood pressure), and attend to emergencies. Also on site nurses to discuss the program of health care or medical needs of residents may require their respective physicians.

Continuing care retirement communities

Retirement Communities Continuing Care (CCRC) differ from traditional nursing homes, so that its inhabitants have their own department to keep attention on their own. Most CCRC residents are independent of the assistance they deem necessary. CCRC offers a variety of employment opportunities for nurses, ranging from providing personal attention to individual residents in tasks such as head nurse in a hospital.

While most nursing homes offer long-term geriatric patients who are nursing homes that meet the acute care and rehabilitation. Now, patients requiring medical care no longer stay in rehabilitation and health centers until they recover. Nurses in these institutions play a major role in the recovery process experienced by patients and most of them, seeing that patients get a good experience rewarding and inspiring. Positions normally occupied by nurses in homes for rehabilitation include: charge nurses, floor nurses, specialists in physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and nursing assistants.

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