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Certified Nursing Assistant Hourly Rate Comparisons

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The following per hour basis rates are for permanent or regular employed personnel. The on per hour basis amount does not include extra shift allowances as they are included on top of the on per hour basis amount.

The casual amount for salaries cna personnel is 25% above the on per hour basis amount for regular personnel and this will also be for allowances during shift work.


NURSING HOME AU:   $15.32 – AU$18.12
HOSPITAL AU:   $15.73 – AU$19.58
COSMETIC DENTISTRY AU:   $15.44 – AU$18.85
HEALTH CARE SERVICES AU:   $15.60 – AU$19.09

Considerations for incomes cna can include in addition to the on hourly basis amount, switch permitting penalties for working afternoon and evening changes. This switch permitting is usually a percentage increase of the on hourly basis amount, such as evening switch might attract an additional 25% on top of the on hourly basis amount.

This is why many breastfeeding personnel prefer to perform evening and evening changes as the weekly take home pay is higher then day switch personnel. For example, if you earn ten dollars and time then the additional twenty five percent will take the on hourly basis amount to $12.50 hourly. But remember, incomes cna are much higher then ten dollars an time.

Each Condition will have the appropriate Condition Award For Nursing Helpers and provides guidelines as to the basic on hourly basis amount appropriate for that state. It is wise for you to ask during your application for employment, that you ascertain the appropriate on hourly basis prices and allowances for the area you wish to perform in. The following table is a guide to the common areas where a qualified associate in breastfeeding works.

The prices will change over time due to Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, increases in the Condition Awards and the local pay scale structures. Often assisted living facilities pay above the on hourly basis amount just to retain good quality reliable personnel.