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Changing Dirty Diapers Will Be One Of Your Main Responsibilities

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If, after you decide to work with a CNA training in a nursing home, doing nothing, you have to do, like changing diapers. You might think to yourself:  “Well I’ve changed baby diapers, how hard can it be?” First of all, you can not remove the 80 years, is a bottom-up dragging their feet vertically, and, second, an adult produces more waste per cycle, as the child could never have. This is not a difficult task, but my assistant nurse training, we were not taught how to do it.

First, it should put the gloves and open a quick clean. Remove the old belt and pull the short fund average. If the patient has a dirty face, use within the central portion of the Old Court to wipe out as much as possible and stop using the front of the cleaning wipes (some places still have the towels). Roll down the front of the dirty wipes inside.

Now the role of the patient to the opposite side. Clean the rear. Ensure that the patient is completely clean at this time. Scroll old card and slide it under the patient’s side as far as you can (you get to remove it from the other side). Take the new card and make sure the top is aligned right on top of the hip bone. Tuck, about half the basis of new cards hidden dirty. It is important to calculate what “half” is that if you tuck too, you will not have enough “brief” on one side and if you do not put enough, you will not have all the cards to get hold of the other side. Anyway, you must have the role of new patients, so that multiple cards can be hidden. For me, it took a while to be able to judge exactly how to push under.

Once you have saved the basic news of the former, the role of patients on the other side and take the short sale and come out the other side of the new card. At this point, you can pack your dirty map if you really want, or if it is too dirty, but mostly I just put the old base at the foot of the bed. Now pull up the key in the short, fast, and you’re done! You do not perfect the first two weeks, but do not worry, you will change hundreds of submissions.