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CNA jobs are in high demand

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CNA jobs are in high demand, and demand expected to increase during the 2014th year is senior population is growing, and because baby boomers are aging and advances in health care that enables them to live longer. Therefore, more people needed nursing in the longer term. But before you decide that you become a CNA, there are some things you should consider. This type of work is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to work in this profession. Read on to discover some of the features you need if you want to do as a certified nursing assistant.

Patience is an important attribute to have when you’re a CNA. You deal with all personality types and health conditions. It will take an older person more time to do certain things. For example, when I worked as a nurse, I had to feed a patient who chew each bite of his food thirty-five times. The problem was that she was on a pureed diet, everything was the consistency of baby food. But she still insisted on chewing the thirty-five times before swallowing. Needless to say, it took a lot of patience to eat all their meals. This is a kind of whim that you will meet a nurse.

Compassion is important to feel compassion for those less fortunate than you. To be able to deal with kindness and respect they deserve. However, it is good that you do. You must be compassionate, but you can get emotionally attached to your patients. You disappear in the elderly, and you will be able to face death without affecting you mentally. It is good to cry, but you can not let you put on antidepressants.

A strong stomach is very important. You will be subject to some of the worst sights and smells imaginable. His job is cleaning contaminated patients, urinated on them and those who vomited. Some elderly patients with pressure ulcers. These wounds can become so bad that the bones will be exposed. This can be very difficult to look and smell is horrible. These are just some of the sights and smells you experience working as a nurse's aide. If you are the type that throws up easily, it may not be the job for you.

For good working condition CNA takes a lot of walking, bending, stooping and lifting. You must be able to perform these operations without the risk of self harm. If you have back problems or other physical problems, you will not be able to do this job. If you have health problems at all, you should discuss with your doctor before you invest time CNA training program.