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cna responsibilities

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We tried to be short while presenting you CNA job description so here we included most common CNA responsibilities:

  1. First responsibility in our CNA job description is to answer call signals made by patients.
  2. While taking care of bedridden patients a CNA is responsible for turning and repositioning them to prevent them from getting bedsores. A CNA must be able to do this both with assistance and alone.
  3. CNA takes care by observing their patients’ conditions. They measure and record patients’ food and liquid intake and output throughout the day and check vital signs. They report any changes to the head nurse, doctor or another professional staff.
  4. Some patients are unable to take care of themselves and cannon feed themselves. One of CNA responsibilities is to feed such patients.
  5. CNA helps patients move in and out of their bed, exercise and walk.
  6. CNA provides patient care by helping to dress or undress and supervising exercise routines.
  7. CNA helps patients to get prepared for examination, treatment or surgery.
  8. CNA helps to transport patients to various treatment units as needed. A wheelchair or stretcher is used to transport them.
  9. And one more thing a CNA is responsible for is cleaning rooms and facilities and change linens when needed.

This is just a short CNA job description does not give you a full list of responsibilities or skills because they vary from place to place. You will need to check this with your potential employer for details.

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