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Comprehensive Nursing Care-Providing Holistic Care

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On the way back to the life of my nursing student, I was ordered to lose consciousness and the large half Filipino / Spanish patient. The day before my clinical instructor to the patient with me, I was very optimistic, happy and active. I thought, as it was very nice and wonderful day for me because I could be a new day patient. After my clinical instructor name, I was smiling and with a huge smile to my face, and in fact, my smile was like a crocodile smile.hehe

My teacher said,Mr. Fernando … And I said, which was again lady? And then he repeated to Mr. Fernando. The only thing I said to the director of”thank you so much and remember with a crocodile smile…” When I looked at the patient’s chart, I thought as if the patient was just fine, and this is all just very nice to him, me and my loved ones …

Well, well, well, when I’m in a room with my patient, I was so surprised at the back of my mind because there were many bottles suspended on both sides of my patient. Not just one, two or three, but there were four bottles hanging at his side. I have and I thought, looking at the patient, oh oh it will be very exciting work still boring. I told my American friend that really helps me, because I expect there will be a lot of calculations and then there will be plenty of things to do. And if so! Many, many things to do.

One day during my shift, I did not feel that my patient has filed a majority of smelly stool in his diaper and his daughter told me the wrong patient a day before my shift. It was a very unpleasant smell when I walked into the room. And ummm I have obviously no other choice but to clean it because he was my patient. And because my patient was so great that my clinical instructor called four (4) nursing students to help others. There was a guy on my right side near the patient’s head (left side). An American woman on the left side and there were two other nursing students in front of me. When we turn the patient on his right side, the smell came out and the guy to my right was crying.I asked him why he wept. I thought he thought he could not do it, but when he said, because of the smell. Wink2: He said it was the most disgusting smell to breathe in her life. And because at that time, we were not using disposable towels or wipes.Everybody asked what we goin to dry afterwards. Suddenly, our clinical instructor said we could use a face towel towel.Yes! a towel that my fellow American who was on my left side was using to clean the anal area patients. Would you believe that the towel used the same towel was used constantly, until the private patient rooms were clean?!? Means that the towel was pressurized with water just to make it clean because it was finished.I can not believe it!

Then I removed the diaper, but because the patient was very heavy my hand slipped off and was able to touch the patient’s stool Eeeewwwwww: Rolly, which was the only word that everyone could tell right away after I put my hand on the patient’s it.The girl laughed, looking at me and said I looked sad. And after we patients daughter laughin all smiled and said it was ok because I’m used to touching the stool .. LOL … Yes, it was because I had no choice, hehe!

In fact, the IIT has been a great honor and a privilege to help patients even in very low. This experience really helped me a lot and motivates me in my patience, perseverance and being a caregiver health. I think it’s also not test me how much I care for my patients in all settings and circumstances. I am now a nurse in my country (Philippines) and we hope to work in the U.S. soon with a real heart to care for my patients. I honestly think I could serve my future patients, because life is important that the way the treasure of God and life value.

Hopefully this article should inform all health care givers.May this article reminds us that there are always a great privilege to serve, care and above all love our patients without distinction of race or what country he or she From. Writing

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