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Describing Job Opportunities In The Field Of Nursing

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The explosion of opportunities for nurses are expected to continue in 2014 and beyond. The growing need for registered nurses and providers will only expand the baby boomers begin to retire and need more attention. There are many types of nursing positions. In this article we will talk through various job descriptions of nursing care for people who want to enter the opportunities in the field of nursing.

Here are some facts about the opportunities in Nursing:

– There are roughly 2,694,540 licensed registered nurses in the United States

– Approximately 146,902 RNs are men only 5.4% of the total nursing population

– The average annual earnings for all full-time employed RNs are $46,800

– The average annual salary for a master’s-prepared nurse is $61,000; doctorate-prepared nurses average slightly higher at $63,550

– Nurse practitioners have average annual earnings of $60,126

The employment prospects for nurses in all specialties should only grow. The need to replace nurses who retire only create more opportunities for entering the nursing profession has been submitted. As the development of technologies in patient care, more medical problems can be addressed through preventive medicine. It’s a good thing for those considering the field of nursing.

The nursing field is certainly the sellers market. Many hospitals and clinics compete seriously registered nurses, particularly for the very special. The fastest growth is planned for outpatient services, same day surgery facilities, and rehabilitation centers.

Above all, the nursing field will only grow over the next 10-20 years. Those who pursue careers in nursing, here are some pictures of the work of nurses to consider.

Registered Nursing Job Description (RN)

Nurses constitute the largest proportion of health workers in the United States. Nurses are usually the point of contact with patients and families. In addition, they are the primary point of contact between the patient and the health world, both at the bedside and in outpatient settings. Nurses perform patient assessments, monitoring vital signs of patients and performing medical procedures such as IVs, administer drugs and often. RNS is very important for the doctor because they are often in contact with the patients condition and well-being.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurses are often the primary caregivers of their patients. Like physicians, nurse practitioners are the first to diagnose and treat diseases and other medical problems. The nurses can also prescribe medications that are not authorized by the nurses.

Some argue that the United States need more nurses than doctors in health care. Some say this would help reduce the cost of providing health care across the board.

The training requirements for becoming a nurse requires a bachelors degree in nursing, and often a master degree in nursing as well. Many nurse practitioners manage both roles and obstetrics, anesthesia and midwives.

Head Nurse or Nurse Supervisor

Head nurses are usually the managers of nursing in the field of health. His responsibilities will average working hours for the performance evaluations for nursing personnel. Other features include quality control review standards, review of medications, critical care, and training.

Managers and supervisors of nursing are essential in the management of nursing staff in the major hospital and clinic settings. For those interested in all of becoming a nurse, but also enjoy managing people, this great task for you.

Licensed Practical Nurses Job Descriptions (LPN)

Health managers and supervisors are critical to the management of larger hospital nurses and clinical settings. All those interested in becoming a nurse, but also enjoy managing people, this is a good thing.

Home Health Nurses Job Description

Home health nurses provide care to their patients homes. It was found that many patients recover much more quickly when they are able to recover in the comfort of their homes.

Some common uses for home health nurses who are recovering from accidents, cancer, and childbirth. health nurses in the home should be able to work independently and often supervise others as caregivers for the care of patients in their homes.

Nursing Aides Job Description

Nurse aides or nursing assistants perform most of their duties under the supervision of medical staff and other nurses. Some functions include the receipt of patient calls, messages, serve meals, and help patients eat, bathe and dress. Nursing aides provide care for the skin to patients, take the temperature of the patient and vital signs such as blood pressure and respiration. Many times they help patients in and out of their beds.

Nursing assistants are also essential to maintain patient rooms clean and tidy. It is important that patients have someone to lean on for help and go and come to your room. Suggestions are also essential in the reports of physical and emotional status of nurses and other physicians when they notice changes in behavior that may indicate health problems.