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Geting A CNA Job With No Experience

December 17, 2010 by  
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Each of us found a job without experience. As another poster mentioned, you can go back on issues related to the recent discovery job.There are all sorts of reasons for not getting that first job — can not say what may be applicable to you.

First, recruitment is slow right now and should pick up after the holidays. Even with the published literature, time many people (human resources and nurses) now and do not want to start hiring process.Do you have a well-written CV? I know without experience, but again, needs to be formatted, so the spelling and grammar of 100%.

Same with job applications — they must be clean, legible, grammar and spelling. You are not hired on a resume, but you can probably get rejected to show that you do not skills.Have language you searched everywhere? Take a tour of all long-term care, hospitals, assisted living facilities and complete an application (fill in nicely). Are you on the online job boards to find jobs advertised?

Make sure it looks good. make indecent, too, and piercings, bad interview technique, everything will keep your foot in the door.