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Got a Nursing Home Offer

December 14, 2013 by  
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Just got a nursing home offer, its a night shift. The problem is I never had experience in night shift. Does anyone have something to say. The offer only does 8 days orientation, which is $34/hour. Not bad at all. Actually I had nursing home job once, but I got laid off. Scared me out of that. Never thought about do it again.

I submitted many resumes the offer I got is only one of nursing home. I did not study in US and without BSN, so its hard to get a job in hospital. The offer was a surprise. I went to a job fair on Friday. I saw the one which I applied lasy month. And I submit my resume again. The recruiter said she knows me and arranged an interview on Saturday. I asked them when will you do background check. She said they did already.

Today I just finished routine checkups, and next week will be handle documents. What I learned from this story is submitting resume face to face is the best way to get a job done.