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How Does A CNA Change A Patients Diaper?

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Changing diapers for adults similar to changing the diapers, though a bit more complicated. First, you must be sure that the layers of the right size. You must be able to close and fit well in size. An adult diapers snug ensure user comfort and prevent leakage during use. An adult diapers color is removed by loosening the adhesive tabs or velcro diaper as you would. The difference with a diaper adult is that you can not get out from under the door. Extra precautions must be observed when changing adult diapers to avoid further trouble. useful pointers to help you on the proper procedure to change a diaper for adults:

Step 1: Gently roll the diaper wearer on his side. Fold the diaper properly inward to make sure that the wetness or stain is secure on the inside of the fold and there is no possibility of unfolding.

Step 2: Slowly roll the wearer to the opposite side to free the diaper and gently pull it out. To make sure the diaper comes out easily, roll the wearer as far as possible to sufficiently expose the diaper before pulling it out from under him.

Step 3: After removing the soiled diaper, use either a baby wipe or warm water and soap to clean the wearer’s bottom thoroughly. Applying baby powder or mild lotion on the diaper area can soothe the skin and prevent chafing.

Step 4: To put on a fresh adult diaper, simply roll the wearer to one side and place the diaper under him. Slip the diaper as far as possible while making sure both secure tabs can be closed evenly.

Step 5: Gently roll the wearer again to the opposite side and pull the diaper and while making sure it is sufficiently centered and will not cause discomfort to the wearer. Fasten both tabs securely once you are sure the wearer is comfortable with the fit.

Change a diaper for adults requires skill, but with enough practice combined with the right attitude, efficiency in the task can be completed in time.