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My First Job Telemetry Nursing

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My first job in the United States is Telemetry unit, select the unit there is only one reason: I want to enhance the ability of interpretation EKG.

Telemetry is designed for arrhythmia patients set of wards, every patient unit five wireless lead EKG machine, in nursing station has a special room to place a few big computer, an RN or EKG Tech is responsible for monitoring the patient EKG activity; We are monitoring LEAD 2 most of the time, and sometimes will get the V5, experienced Telemetry RN or EKG Tech as long as the light scan, you can interpretation the AV Block, VT/VF and AF/AF arrhythmia, an RN is determined according to the patient situation do you want to do give 12 LEAD EKG or treatment.

When a patient is after 12 Lead EKG, RN to do preliminary interpretation, and past EKG comparison: the first is from 1 st degree AV Block progress into 2 – to – 1 AV Block? Whether the patient will install Pacemaker tomorrow? EKG progress too fast? Patient support tomorrow? RN, especially night shift when the entire health care system, when sleeping, you is the key to wake up everyone, key if there is no start, 2 – to – 1 AV block into a Complete Heart block, dawn when someone want to Heart Broken, but the key if the door too often become a Wolf, RN professional ability will suffer from medical team.

This ward of the patient to go soon, VT for a few seconds to prepare code blue, but I also met a lot of patients in VT all day, still walking around for someone to chat; There should be three works in the Telemetry: EKG, CPR is better, stronger RN’s heart, also but 1-2 years of EKG Analysis, Critical Thinking and Nursing Management, training, intensive care, long-term care, or any future wants to go to community care, are indispensable important qualifications.

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