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Recent ADN Graduate Needs Advice

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A recent ADN graduate needs advice which she just obtained a job provide at a experienced medical service for a fulltime job with reasonable pay as a RN. Her situation is that experienced medical is not where she want to be lengthy lasting. She would preferably like to be operating in a medical center establishing. She has used to plenty of tasks at all the regional (and rural) medical centers, but they have all converted me down as she has no medical encounter ( I have proved helpful as a associate in loved ones members exercise workplace for over five years). She has also used to a lot of residence applications and has be converted down. She is thinking if its better for me to agree to the place at the SNF and obtain some much required encounter, or should she hold out it out and keep implementing to hospitals? And, if she do agree to the provide at the SNF is that going to help me obtain a medical center place further in the future or will a medical center not want to seek the services of someone from a medical home? There are several responds:

I was in the same identify you are. These days was my second day or alignment in my elderly care service. LTC is not where I want to be lengthy lasting, however, with the large numbers of finishing nursing staff & deficiency of roles available, it is better to get a job and get your season of encounter. After that, you can implement at medical centers. I’m informed it is simple to get employed on after you get the encounter, regardless of what type/where the encounter was obtained.

I would say TAKE IT! It will definitely help you in the future. Get your decades encounter. I can’t discover a job to preserve my lifestyle either! So disappointed. Did get a job but in an workplace establishing :-/. Best of fortune to you!

I got my one season encounter at SNF (rehab wing) and now have a job meeting with a medical center. It’s better than staying jobless for the wish of getting a medical center job.