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Responsibilities Of LVN Nurses

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So you are considering becoming professional nurse, and ask yourself what tasks of  nurses LVN are. If you go into the field, this kind of work and employment will be on stage throughout your shift? You realize that you are in the hierarchy among nurse aides and certified nurses, but where on the spectrum do functions LVN nurses dropping? Want to be closer to work, the CNA / s, or RN? This question is common among people who are considering making their LVN degree, but is not sure what the job entails.

But do not worry. Because LPN is a real nurse, not just a glory CNA-RN or helper. Your tasks requires medical knowledge and skills, if you want to be able to do it well. You need to do many jobs well, RN performs. You will be monitoring patients who take blood pressure and other vital signs, preparing and shooting, and ensure that the patient made satisfactory progress and informing doctors when they are not, etc. You will all these things and more if you work in a hospital. If you choose to work in a doctor’s office, you’ll do lots of things even listed above, your duties tend to be more systematic.

No, you will be much more important work that CNA does. Which is not to denigrate the good people who work in these jobs, but only to note that the LPN is a real, legitimate nurse, just one RN is. Many potential nursing students will lean toward the RN because they somehow feel that LVN’s are not “real” nurses. It makes no sense. In many cases, tasks  of LVN’s are basically the same as for registered nurses and nursing colleagues who are not subordinates.