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Responsibilities Of The Different Types Of Nurses

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Nurses have a key role in the health sector. They provide basic care for patients and contribute to patients’needs and to perform basic operations. Nursing is a versatile all health professionals and nurses in practice and a variety of different settings.

Types of nurses

Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA – they are known as a nursing aide or home health aides and HHA. They work under the supervision of a nurse and help patients in their daily tasks. Their main role is to closely monitor the health of their patients, responses to medication and treatment, and refresh their supervisor or nurse. They work in hospitals, but they can also be found in nursing homes, hospices, private homes and homes for adults.

Registered Nurse or RN Рnurses are able to perform various tasks such as providing treatment, education of patients and family members about the health of the patient, treatment, and are able to offer advice and emotional support. registered nurses are graduates or graduates, and may choose to further their careers through the acquisition of higher education in other specialties related to the particular situation in the area of the body or certain types of patients such as children or the Regional Hospital as an emergency emergency or operating room. They are also responsible for directing or giving directions  license to provide nurses and nurse assistants.

Public Health Nurse or PHN – are nurses who specialize in the health of the community. They travel to the patients’home,community and schools. They work with individuals and families to provide affordable medical solutions to health services in particular communities.

Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN – licensed practical nurses working in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and long-term care facilities to provide basic care to patients. Employment in the sector requires a complete and approved by an accredited course nursing practice and a clean criminal record. You can perform basic laboratory tests, administer injections, and their responsibility for monitoring the conditions of their patients and reporting to their supervisor or a nurse on duty. They also assist patients in taking baths, eating, and also assist in the delivery of children.

Certified registered nurse anesthetist or CRNA – with the exception of completing a bachelor of nursing, certified nurse anesthetists past two to three years of training in their field of specialization and certified nurse anesthetist. They provide care to patients anesthesia whoa re about to be given before surgery, during surgery and after surgery.

Occupational health nurses – Occupational health nurses are usually found in companies such as nurses to provide basic information for health professionals. They also assist in preparing the paper work necessary for admission of workers in hospitals and out patient services, which is the company’s clinic or hospital. They can offer tips and advice for health, occupational hazards and safety issues are working in the field. Most of the time are part of the company’s payroll and is considered direct employees of the company.