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Resume For Geriatric Nursing Assitant

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Nursing is a division of nursing as a medical course. Once you have completed your course in geriatric nursing course is conducted additional training for certification. geriatric nursing certification ensures that you are armed with all the skills you need is a nurse in order to be marketable in the career field. Once you get the certification, you can begin to practice as a nurse in that particular area. Also you can go anywhere in the country without any restrictions. By achieving this certification, you will add another feather in the cap, because it means a good chance of getting a job in a career field flooded otherwise.

To obtain the certification of nursing, which are required to follow a program that is accredited. You can get this program from several institutions offering courses in geriatric nursing. You will find these institutions on the Internet and a good number. There are a number of ways in which different institutions offering this certification program. These institutions also offer training for the CNA, which allows CNA certification. This standard also requires a very competitive race in nursing.

If you want to specialize in gerontological nursing, so it’s important that you get for the elderly in nursing certification. To obtain this certification, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing required. You must pass control to this level, as has been demonstrated. Most of the institutions that provide the elderly in nursing courses in medical schools and schools that offer courses of treatment. If you want a vast experience in this field can choose to go to a four-year study at university, which is wider than the college course certificate. Achieving certification ensures that you are navigating a steady career in the field.

Angelina Woodsong,
Mac Garth, New York,
Phone 617-555-5555,

I am experienced certified nursing assistant with 5 years of experience, seeking a certified nursing assistant position in a reputed health organization where I can apply my best clinical skills.

Personal Summary:
* Excellent clinical, customer service and communication skills.
* Ability to quickly learn new concepts and skills.
* Knowledge of medical terminology and infection control standards.
* Knowledge of age specific developmental factors specific to adult and geriatric residents.
* Excellent verbal and writing skills.

Education and Certification:
Certified Nursing Assistant Course, New York University (1995)
High School Diploma from Dawn school, New York, NY (1993)

Work History:
Mount Loreto Nursing Home – Amsterdam, NY
Certified Nursing Assistant (1999 to 2002)

Job Description:
* Provided nursing and nursing related services to residents.
* Maintained homelike environment for the residents.
* Protected and promoted resident rights and assisted the person to maintain independence.
* Provided routine care to the patients.
* Reported to the senior doctors of the status of patient by spending maximum time in the room with the patient.
* Maintained the ward neat and clean.
* Obtained specimens, weights, and vital signs of patients.
* Administered injections and given medicinal intakes.

Suny Downstate Medical Center – Brooklyn, NY
Certified Nursing Assistant (1996 to 1999)

Job Description:
* Provided nursing care in accordance with resident care policies and procedures.
* Ensured the safety and well-being of the residents is maintained.
* Assisted residents with bathing, dressing, hygiene, and grooming in accordance with established care plan.
* Given enemas to patient when needed.
* Measured and recorded patient’s fluid intake and output.
* Managed supply inventory and supply requisitions.
* Provided medication reminders.
* Provided patient transportation to doctor appointments

Resume For Geriatric Nursing Assitant

Resume For Geriatric Nursing Assitant