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The Benefits of Become a CNA

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There are many benefits of being a CNA. We explain as follows:

Education: This right nursing home, nursing homes, nursing homes and even establishments offering long-term care, free education gave you plan to stay with your company. Most do not offer education, unless it has been used with them for a period of time. In some places, it takes 3 months, 6 months and some even have a year to take advantage of this great blessing. Cara education can be quite expensive so we find an employer who offers it for free?

The training lasts only 6-10 weeks, sometimes even less to become, depending on what school you attend. For me personally, my training is 3 and a half weeks I was able to attend class two days a week (pretty simple, if you ask me). This way you can get a certified training and most of the time working a short time. There are other training opportunities, which educate a lot less time, but I will of course load is a bit strong courses Cram.

Benefits :Most stations offer great benefits, sometimes without benefits. Depends on who you serve. Here’s an example for you, when I was a new grad looking for work all agencies shark CNA offered me a $ 13.00-$ 16.00/hr … awesome sounds good? Well … it is, and it is not, even if the pay is good timing did not have the required role, and I was only getting 20 hours a week. Now all the agencies did not know most of them have a lot of jobs where you may be at least 40 hours per week, but I need something more solid benefits, even if not meant to cut the pay 2-3 dollars. Hospitals and nursing homes are also good places to earn a good salary and benefits. If the position in the hospital, because they cross train you, and there is plenty of space in advance. Last but not least there is always interest rates help called especially if you are going to progress and become a LPN or RN.

Look demand growth situation of our economy people are losing their jobs left and right. Baby boomers represent 30-35% of our population. As people age, they create a greater need for providers of specific health services for nurses and CNA also called Certified nursing assistants. So if you sit and really think about it from becoming a CNA is not just a quick certification to put under your belt, but it is also a way to secure your job or career for the future.

Most Improved returns Let CNA between $ 22,000 – $ 35,000 / year (yes, the new graduates). You got that job through the salary sacrifice benefit, then, is that CNA will advance their skills and cross-training in other departments / areas of health care When self-worth that entitles you to a better salary. Your average CNA makes $ 25,000 a year. Given that some of you this may be much, but for the time spent at school is much better than most of the dead end jobs, such as: fast food, retail, etc.

Pay the cost of such certification varies from school I paid $ 500.00 in my proof that the class is paid and books. My scrubs, stethoscope and blood pressure cuff with a price of 50.00 as a collective total of $ 550. Other schools charge $ 600-1500, and most of the time they have everything they need. If you can not try to use more than $ 700.00

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