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The nursing profession has its good and its bad side

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Nursing profession has its pros and cons, the ups and downs in much the same way as any other profession does. This is a human service profession that it is saving lives and keeping people healthy as can be.

Its Pros: Why should anyone be prepared to become a nurse? Many people are drawn because they want to help other people. They also enjoy the social element. As a nurse you interact with on a regular basis with patients, relatives and colleagues. If you like the people you love and health and medical field, then when you combine these two things in what you are doing a great nurse!

Nursing can bring a considerable level of personal satisfaction to see the effort you put into helping a patient due to improved health status of patients. The nurse or the right patient is strong and can help facilitate the healing process. Job security and the opportunity to earn an excellent salary are two reasons why the nursing profession is very rewarding and interesting. Nurses are in demand and their skills are needed everywhere, which means that job security is virtually guaranteed. A nurse has the opportunity to earn a living for himself. The life of a nurse can earn increases as the level of education of the person does.



On the downside nurses spend their time walking around who are sick and dying. Some people get very sick and others do not. This can be very emotionally traumatic and heartbreaking, that will not be able to separate their own feelings work. This can be a disadvantage for the nursing profession. Some people can deal with these difficult situations more easily than other people. Only you know if you have someone who can cope with these difficult circumstances is a daily basis or not. The nursing profession is not a nine to five jobs. Hospitals are open all the time and is open all day. This means that you will all work different shifts from early morning into the night. You are required to work on weekends and holidays times. If you are unable to work for different shifts so rest is not a profession for you.

Education involved in studies to become a nurse is not simple or easy. You should have good study habits and be dedicated to your studies in order to pass all your courses. The courses are laborious. To succeed, you will need a medical knowledge, ability to react quickly, the ability to work within a team and you need a good eye for detail and observation.