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Valuable Tips For First Day Of Nursing Job

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Hey everyone, So i took my CNA class Fall 2012 and passed my test April ’12. Since then i moved to Cali for personal reasons and was hoping to get a CNA job there. Unfortunately, everywhere i looked wanted at least 2 years experience so i couldn’t find one. Now, i recently moved home and got a job at a nursing and rehab center. I start my first day of training today. I’m very nervous as its been a long time since my class.

It may depend on the place one works, but most of the things I do on my job were taught on the job, not when I took my CNA course. Whether it’s because we don’t do certain things (like partial bed baths or hand and nail care) at my facility or because we have totally different set-ups/supplies that necessitate different procedures, I got way more stuff I do daily from my first four days at work.
I think the CNA certification functions more as proof that one can learn and emulate procedures rather to actually prepare him or her 100% for the job. The written portion about resident rights, safety, and ethics is important and not something on which I was trained much once I was hired, so that’s something.
You’ll be great. If they know you’re new, they should know what they’re in for as far as your abilities.

Hey, I know how you feel. I was really nervous when I first started at the nursing home. Your training at the facility will greatly help you. i would say be sure to ask your orienting aide to tell you how the CNA’s handle things there. When I first started orienting, the guy who was training me took me aside and told me that things in the actual world are different from what you learn in class. just make sure you ask for help if you feel unsure about anything. Since you’re new they’ll cut you some slack and you’ll learn how to work with your residents since it’s a nursing home and usually the same people are there. Last bit of advice: ask the nurse for your assignment who goes to bed around what time that can be a big help too. Don’t worry just stay calm you’ll do fine =)

Most CNA stuff is about common sense and patient safety, I am sure it will all come back to you. Just pay attention to the other aides, treat your patients with dignity and respect and you will be fine. If anything is unclear just ask for clarification and if something seems unsafe (assisting an unsteady patient alone) get some help.