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What A Terrible Day Missed Heparin

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Yesterday night shift exchange, the nursing director told me a new patient’ heparin drip just release hold around 6am. I dont have too much ward experience. I just realized the patient did not have heparin after I went to ward to do assessment. I was busy on giving 9am meds. At 9:30 I called MD, ask whether or not do a heparin. The problem was the MD is not the one before. She did not know heparin hold between 4am-6am. For me, I really did not know if that was doable from order time 6pm to 7am. Plus I completely forgot about the release hold order. Therefore, MD want me restart heparin immediately, and this incident must report into PORT(Hospital internal accident report system). I did report for that. The good thing is the patient vss did not know about it.

Right now I am at home but still in panic. I regret that I really should take heparin at 7:30. If so, I dont think the problem was getting worst. How should I do next, really no idea?!

A poor nurse ask for help!!!