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What part of the United States are nurses in demand?

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I live in California and I am a new graduate nurse. The new graduate nursing programs are flooded out here. My resume is competitive and I want nothing more than to be working right now. I have no problem relocating. Is there anywhere in the United States where new graduate nurses are being rapidly picked up out of nursing school?

Texas. If you aren’t picky, you can find a job easily.
Dallas for sure.
I’ve heard the major cities (Dallas, Houston, Austin) get pretty flooded, and I know Austin tends to pay less because so many people want to move. There’s a bunch of new grads from the nursing schools in state, and people moving into Texas, so new grads may have a harder time immediately finding work as opposed to a nurse with experience.

Basically, Anywhere really. The larger cities have huge medical complexes, some smaller cities have two hospitals to choose from, even a lot of rural cities have hospitals.

The one exception that I have heard is Austin. I know a lot of new grads who spent 6 months trying to get a gig in the PNW and were hired immediately at hospitals all over Texas and all of them said there was nothing in Austin.

You realize cost of living in CA is a lot higher than Texas and that is the reason for the wage difference.

North Carolina has a lot of openings, last I checked. Do you have a BSN? You may want to look into hospitals with new magnet accreditation who are trying to weed out or convert diploma RNs to BSNs. They may have a lot of people retiring rather than going back to school. I know where I live (Philadelphia) there are a few hospitals going through that process now and people have had luck swooping in there.

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