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Why Patient Satisfaction Is Extremely Important

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I have been a nursing for serval years, I can tell how patient satisfaction scores are very important when you are seeking a CNA job. There is also a story that employers hiring a position base on that.

I am an MSN RN in Texas, having spent the past two years in a hiring position. Every single hospital unit is under the gun for Patient Satisfaction scores. All of them. When looking for a new grad, I was looking for someone teachable. Someone with previous customer service experience. Sadly, waiting tables and personality is a big chunk of what I needed.

I don’t expect you to know what to do in a code, so I’m not going to quiz you on drugs, or interventions. I want to know that you are trainable and will blend well on my unit. I want the other nurses to work well with you, and the patients to feel cared for.

I have plenty of real world experience already. I want someone who can grow. You can teach a rubber monkey to do chest compressions, but I need someone who can hold the hand of a dying patient and say the right thing to that surgery patient who is in 8/10 pain and we are slow on the call lights tonight.

For RNs with experience, I know that you know how to take care of patients. I also know that you can play the game, and are well prepared to answer my questions. It’s a small world, and if you are local, you can be sure that I’m calling around to check you out. Your old manager or stroke coordinator or diabetic educator? Chances are I have worked with one of them and a quick text message and they will give me the skinny. Basically, don’t burn bridges, don’t expect your ICU godliness/knowledge to trump a crap personality, and be positive and upbeat and focus on mad customer service skills.

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