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A Certified Nursing Assistant ‘s Salary

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There are many good reasons to become a Certified Nursing Assistant: A lot of jobs available, the choices of work environments, the ability to make a distinction in peoples lives every day, and the ability to earn a good living. The average annual salary is almost $ 30,000 to CNA.

Education can be completed in less than two weeks in a hospital or nursing, or taking up 3 or 4 months through a training program for community colleges. When training is complete and the license, a Certified Nursing Assistant see an average salary starting from $ 11 per hour and $ 14/hour.

Exactly how much a Certified Nursing Assistant earns will vary somewhat, depending on geographic location, workplace, experience, and other factors. A CNA working in a hospital in New York, for instance, will earn approximately 8% more than a similar position in  Arizona. Generally speaking, salaries follow COA’s or “Cost Of Living” indexes. The more expensive area’s such as the Northeastern US generally pay higher wages than the mid-West.
The type of position that affect and benefit. Hospitals are usually the highest salary, followed by nursing homes, patients homes. Even within a hospital, the payment may vary depending on the department: a nursing assistant working in Intensive Care – ICU – often receive a salary slightly higher than that of a nursing assistant in a department of less stress.
Job CNA can also expect to increase their pay scales experience. As a profession, nursing – and Certified Nursing Assistants in particular – is rather high "burn-out" amount. Since work is often accompanied by a lot of physical and mental stress and fatigue, some people believe he does not want to be in the field. One result is that a qualified CNA with experience in the decrease. Another result is that there are many jobs available in the industry.
In addition to basic pay, nursing assistant and medical assistant most of the benefits of jobs and health coverage for retirement savings. Although some nursing positions are covered by the agencies, and usually do not have the same kinds of benefits, most medical facilities and institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, and for example offer excellent benefits employees.
The areas of health care and are virtually recession proof. Even in difficult economic times, a properly licensed Certified Nursing Assistant rarely has trouble finding gainful employment. It has been estimated at more than 500,000 persons employed as nursing assistants, medical assistants, etc. in 2008. As a profession, nurses are ranked well above average in the area of ​​employment growth, job sustainability, and potential. He should remain one of the fastest growing market for employment in the coming years.
According to the U.S. Office Labor Statistics Bureau of Labor Statistics and the projection of employment, projected growth rates for nursing assistants and nursing assistants is expected to grow by 28 percent combined. This is even faster than the field of health care in general, much faster than expected growth of 14 percent of LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) between 2006 and 2016.
By becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, you take the first step toward a rewarding career and satisfying like no other. As a health professional, you earn respect, personal satisfaction, job security and financial security.