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CNA Salary

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If you have decided to become a CNA, you chose a field that does not take much training, but gives a good pay, job recession-proof. The annual salary for CNAs is between $ 25,000 and $ 34,000. When the ANC in this region depends largely on their place of work. Large hospitals generally pay smaller companies, who pay more clinics. Nursing homes employ CNAS and also score slightly lower than hospitals in the wage rate. Working in a large hospital, with some experience, they earn about $ 34,000 CNA year while working in nursing homes or hospitals in rural areas earn closer to $ 25,000 per year.

CNA wins salary while working as doctors and nurses monitor patients. You can administer medication, assist the patient in and out of bed, and save the patient regularly. CNA certification usually does not pay the CNA. Some states do not need nursing assistants to become certified. CNA certified and uncertified earn about the same amount of money, but states that do not require certification usually pay more. It is worthwhile to obtain certification because you can go to any state at this point and get hired.

CNA wage increases have been acquired. Another way to do more, although it is still beyond the nursing field. Starting CNA provides valuable experience to take with you when you come to LVN or RN.