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Why American Nurses Income Is Higher Than Doctors

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Doctors in the United States are well-known high income, which engaged in doctor degree to get doctor licence, and even after a long time of the doctor a residency. Doctors earn is much high, but hard work that others occupations, also the responsibility is significant. Although now the American doctor is shortage, read medical students instead is reduced. According to the forecast, the United States is at least a 50000 doctors. If action isn’t taken, by 2025, the United States may lack of 200000 doctors. In rural areas, doctors in the phenomenon of reduce particularly serious. In addition, two more need of medical care, expanding the crowd, one is the old, the second is immigration and the poor of the medical insurance not mainly. In this case, the doctor shortage has for American health-care reform pose challenges.

But for some doctors are concerned, they have their own another kind of distress, that is their income than some of the senior nurse high. In 2009, the family doctor the average salary is $173000, and a nurse anesthetist annual salary of $189000. In 2010, the family doctor annual salary has rise up, for 178000 dollars, and a nurse anesthetist annual salary declined, for 186000 dollars, the family doctor or nurse anesthetist income than this kind of senior nurse high.

The nurse anesthetist is just one kind of senior American nurse, a nurse anesthetist and an anesthesiologist the working nature of basic almost, and both in medical difference is only a kind of professional division of labor. The nurse anesthetist and an anesthesiologist professional training in the use of the same material of teaching materials and the same case, and the way for patient dozen anesthetic were the same. But for both accepted education at different levels in a professional, the difference between the class. The same for patient dozen anesthetic, a nurse anesthetist work is called engaged in nursing part of the job, and an anesthesiologist for patient dozen anesthetic is called to the drug. Due to the shortage of the anesthesiologist, a nurse anesthetist especially popular, and natural also will not lower income. In the past four years, the hospital is looking for in a nurse anesthetist, the salary has been higher than the family doctor.

The family doctor or other than a specialist senior nurse accept professional training to four to five years long, the income on principle should be much higher than the senior nurse. Of course the United States many kind of specialized subject doctor than the annual income of the senior nurse is 3 times to 5 times, but there are also part of the doctor’s income indeed than senior nurse low. So the United States some family doctor exclamation, they is a doctor of the “second class citizens”

In fact in the United States, the nurse industry has become a high salary profession, at least 10 nurses work more than $100000 annual salary. For example, the head nurse the highest income emergency ward 10% annual salary of the crowd to $124000, a nursing home the head nurse the highest income 10% who earn $123000 a year, the hospital the head nurse the highest income 10% who earn $231000 a year, the nurse anesthetist the highest income 10% who earn $199000 a year, nursing the doctor the highest income 10% who earn $108000 a year, the highest income midwife 10% who earn $105000 a year, obstetrician the head nurse the highest income 10% who earn $117000 a year, the emergency room the head nurse the highest income 10% people earn $116000, severe ward the head nurse the highest income 10% annual salary of the crowd to $119000 and operating rooms, the head nurse the highest income 10% annual salary crowd up to 126000 dollars.

Instead some doctors income in the United States the doctor world belongs to low-income classes, such as family doctor, 10% minimum annual income crowd was offered $125000 a year, the United States of a family doctor in the annual salary of $160000. Pediatrician low-income earn $129000, gien the doctor low-income salaries for $13.5, FeiZhuanKe doctor low-income $119000 a year, the dentist $yearly salary 99000 low-income, endocrine family doctor low-income yearly salary of $146000.

Obama push bill through congress in medical, due to primary care doctor shortage, unable to meet the rapid increase in market demand, in order to solve the difficulties, the United States 28 states plan to expand the nurse’s power, that they assume primary care doctor’s responsibility. American nurse practitioners in the medical system plays an important role. Although the nurses to look after patients has a wealth of experience, people with long-term strict education training, but their power and salary and the doctors still has a large gap. To a certain extent in related laws restrict their power range, for example, Florida and Alabama ban the nurse for a drug control patients, and there are still quite a few states signing off for doctors, nurses to make certain diagnosis and treatment.

One’s controversial is “doctor” (Dr.) this call. Some states ban the nurses who calls himself “so-and-so doctor”, think this is doctor unique name. This makes the nurses don’t feel balance. After all, the nurse received a doctor’s degree is the number. The United States nursing college of association rules, until 2015, doctor’s degree will become the new standard of senior nurse qualifications. But the American medical association is still trying to expand the nurse of power against the proposal. They insisted that the doctor shortages and cannot be when as a nurse decentralization of reason. The nurse does not have the knowledge and ability to doctors to patient is responsible for. If the doctor not enough, they increase the number of doctors.

How to prove that the nurse’s working ability, the American medical association and the termination of the question is critical. An experimental results may become powerful evidence. The researchers put 1300 patients randomized to the doctors and nurses, six months after the experiment results show that the patient health level of body and single index are very close. Even so, the American medical association says the nurse is still can’t replace the doctor.

But medical bill through, already let the midwife and get the same level of salary of obstetrics and gynecology doctor. The American nurse practitioners to play a big boost. In addition, the cure of the bill would also invest a lot of money on training for the nurse. If the proposal for the nurse decentralization in the United States 28 states get through, then one day when we see a doctor, perhaps is to “see the nurse”, not a “see a doctor”.