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You Know You Are A CNA If…

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There is a funny CNA quotes just like a poems to all CNA, you are the best.

1, You can set speed records for am/pm care and still do it very well.
2, You feel naked without rubber gloves on and bags in your pockets.
3, You have told a confused patient your coworkers name and told them to jusr give a yell need anything.
4,Your last work “party” consisted of paper plates, tons of finger food all served over the ice chest in the pantry or in the utility room.
5, You know what a hopper is and what it is used for.
6, You would like to maim the inventor of the call bell.
7, Almost everything is amusing… once you get on break.
8, You hands have been places you never thought possible.
9, You can deliver in-services as needed to the confused person in the incontinence products aisle at the drug store.
10, Strangely enough and to the horror of friends and family, you find you really like your job. when its all said and done, you see the appreciation in your patients eyes and you come back for more. cause you know it ain’t all for the money.

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