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2013 Elegant CNA Resume Sample

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Free resume samples organized by profession.Improve Your Chances With an Employer! Resume Samples & Tips. All You Need to Know About How To Write Resume. When you are composing your CNA continue, you need to emphasize your features as a looking after and sympathetic personal who can associate well to the needs of the seniors, long-term or crictally ill sufferers and those with psychological problems. You should also indicate your abilities and encounter with those schedule, hands-on projects with regards to a individual’s primary needs such as putting on a costume, showering and cleanliness, providing and flexibility problems. It is a job which can offer much fulfillment to care providers, but a powerful structure and constant psychological perspective are resources for perform which can be actually as well as mentally challenging.

This example resume for a CNA provides perform record in a opposite date structure, featuring the job-seeker’s past encounter as a house health assistance working for an organization before becoming a cna in a personal house. By planning your continue properly, you can create an outstanding first impact and give yourself a leg up in the job program as in comparison to other CNAs who may not invest as much time on their cvs. Sample cvs and example analyze concerns can be offered by knowledgeable CNAs or other categories with understanding into the qualifications procedure. This is a great way of planning to become an employable and effective CNA. If you have already gone through the CNA exercising procedure and approved your condition qualifications analyze, then you are almost there. It will not be lengthy until you are prepared to start. But first you have to get employed, and looking at a CNA example continue is a great way to create sure you look good in comparison to your competitors.

Susan R. Riggs
7870 SE 171st Buchanan Pl
Lady Lake, FL 32162-8313
(352) 391-4215


CNA currently working with long-term care sufferers in elderly care facility. Previous encounter as House Wellness Assistance viewing sufferers in their houses. Effective and pleasant worker who is applicable to sufferers with sympathy and understanding. Hidden and reliable, dedicated to helping those in need.

  • Daily life assistance
  • Producing important signs
  • Toileting, bladder management problems management
  • Flow graph records
  • Bed-making / Sheets and pillowcases changing
  • Individual statement / reporting
  • Ambulation / patient exercise
  • Disease control
  • Post-mortem duties
  • Urgent evacuation procedures

Morris Served Residing, Brewster, MO (2009 – present)   Certified Medical Assistant

  • Assist bathing, individual cleanliness, dressing of sufferers.
  • Help with toilet and bathroom needs.
  • Handle emesis bags, urinals, bedpans.
  • Assist / modify sufferers with bladder management problems.
  • Take pee / feces / sputum samples as instructed.
  • Serve meals and support those who cannot feed themselves.
  • Participate in acceptance, transfer and release techniques.
  • Help shift / lift sufferers with restricted flexibility to seat, bed.
  • Assist / encourage ambulation.
  • Make beds, modify bedding to schedule or as needed, clean rooms.
  • Monitor and record important symptoms, height, weight, hypertension level, temperature, beat, respiration
  • Observe and review relevant physical, emotional, social improvements and communications with other sufferers and staff.
  • Help handle, shift, re-order supplies.
  • Follow techniques for disease / infection management.
  • Follow emergency techniques and policies.
  • Foster pleasant, positive outlook and provide sympathetic response to patients’ emotional needs.

St John House Care Services, Southwell, MO (2007 – 2009)Home Wellness Aide

  • Visiting elderly, impaired, convalescent or psychologically impaired sufferers in their houses.
  • Cooking, including managing special diet needs.
  • General house cleaning, cleaning tasks, laundry, bed creating / modifying.
  • Light shopping responsibilities on request.
  • Help with bathing, bathing, getting dressed and other individual cleanliness.
  • Moving / lifting sufferers with restricted flexibility to / from bed, bath, seat, wheel chair.
  • Measuring and recording important symptoms.
  • Supervise recommended exercises.
  • Administer medications recommended by doctor.
  • Assist with post-surgical healthy skin care, treatments.
  • Help handle artificial divisions.
  • Note and review progress, sudden improvements to case manager.
  • Assist with hospital sessions, trips to doctor.
  • Be a reliable and efficient aide and warm-hearted partner, reading, communicating, providing mental pleasure.


  • Nursing Associate Program
  • Brooks Community College, MO
  • CNA Certification
  • NAHC Certified