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CNA Definition and Resume Presenting

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CNAs provide direct patient care, both medical and non-medical. They are typically supervised by registered
nurses and often assist LPN nurses in a hospital setting. A CNA’s work duties may include:

• Take vital signs
• Help with some medical procedures
• Assist patients entering or leaving their beds
• Assist patients walking
• Tidy patient’s rooms
• Answer call lights
• Make beds
• Deliver messages
• Monitoring patients and reporting changes
• Collecting samples for testing
• Provide patient hygiene
• Feeding patients
• Monitoring food and liquid input/output
• Reporting any health issues to the supervising nurse.
• Taking care of a resident’s personal hygiene, including bed bath, shaving, nail care etc.
• Toileting residents.
• Emptying catheter bags.
• Monitoring vital signs including temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure.
• Setting up of meal trays, and documenting food / fluid intake.
• Feeding residents.
• Serving nutritional supplements.
• Making beds.
• Keeping the residents space clean and tidy.
• Bringing the resident to the therapy area.
• Turning bed ridden residents to prevent bedsores