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CNA Resume Objective

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Certified nursing assistant resume focuses on the key elements of the applicant that the employer is looking for. Use this sample of objective of resume for CNA and will continue to create their own unique.

The main objective of an assistant nurse will continue to highlight the ability of a nurse assistant who learns the time CNA nurse aide training program working in any healthcare facility. Must continue to demonstrate certification and completion of a training program approved nurse assistant.

Graduates of the curriculum vitae indicates that you are aware of the functions of the CNA and prove you’ve learned in nursing and patient practice very real.


I am experienced certified nursing assistant with 5 years of experience, seeking a certified nursing assistant position in a reputed health organization where I can apply my best clinical skills.


A position as a Certified Nursing Assistant to put my love for disabled and ill people into practice and use all my skills and passion and previous experience to provide best health care services to the patients.

A position as a certified nursing assistant in a healthcare center where I can b able to use my experience and love for humanity to serve patients.

Looking for a position in a Health Care organization to assist the senior nursing staff with motivation to serve the disabled people.

I am looking for a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) by offering all my skills and love for humanity and carry a certificate of nursing course with me.

Want to become a CNA in a hospital fulfilling all the requirements for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Seeking for a position as a CNA in a healthcare organization where I can be able to serve the diseased people by assisting senior nursing staff.

Looking for a position as a CNA in a hospital with competent skills and experience of more than 5 years in this field and highly motivated to work for the patients with strong temperament.

Looking for a position in a hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant to offer all my physical and mental skills to serve the disabled, able to follow the instructions easily.

Want to become a part of this dynamic hospital to serve as a CNA by putting all my skills and abilities to serve the patients and senior nursing staff with high motivation.

Seeking for a job in a hospital to serve as a Certified Nursing Assistant with a sound experience in this field of more then 6 years, will be very happy to become a part of this hospital.

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