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Composition of CNA Resume for No Experience

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To secure a job in any professional field, two things play a vital role.

1. Composition of resume
2. Preparation for interview

In this article, we will study about a CNA resume.

We can compare the composition of a professional resume to a well-prepared and fully organized meal dressed up on a diningtable.

If everything in the meal is properly placed on the table in the well-settled form, it is very easily to pick the desired thing and surely, it pleases the eyes. Similarly, a well-organized resume or CV will attract the eyes of an employer who is hiring you.

Here we will discuss about the key components of a professional, good-looking resume and then we will use these components to prepare a CNA resume.

A typical professional resume can consists of the following components.

Contact information
Job Objective
Experience or Employment Summary
Skills or Accomplishments
Recognition and Awards
Certifications and Licenses

Contact Information: You should start your CNA resume by placing your contact detail first. Your name should be prominent because this is the first thing that is used to start conversation at the time of interview.

Job Objective: In simplest form, job objective is a professional sentence that is used to tell the employers how you can help their organization or what is your goal about life or what key role you can play in their organization as a CNA.

Experience or Employment history: You should put your employment history starting from the latest. There is no need to put whole life work history. You can just put what you have been doing as a professional CNA for the last couple of years. You should keep your wording as simple as possible within accurate one or two-line sentences.

Education: In this section, you can tell about your educational background.

Skills or Accomplishments: This section describes about your skills or your capabilities that can be used in your CNA career.

Activities: If required or desired, you can put your everyday activities detail in this section e.g. your hobbies etc.

Recognition and Awards: If you have achieved any award during your education period or work history period, you can mention in this section.

Certifications and Licenses: In this section, you can mention about your CNA certification detail i.e. how and when you became the Certified Nursing Assistant.

References: In this section, you can mention the contact detail of some people who know you and are not close relatives to you.

Please note that a well-organized CNA resume plays a good role in securing a job and you should ensure that each resume component is outstanding and attractive.