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Cover Letter for Nurses – Structure and Importance

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Every time you make an effort to work in the nursing field, it is necessary for you to show that you are proficient in taking care of the tasks. Hence, you need to write resumes and cover letters really well in a professional manner in order to convey that you are capable of doing the job well.

Cover letter for nurses provides the potential employer with a short summary of your abilities and skills. Letters are written in a different manner than resumes and can have a long-term impression on the reader.

Well-qualified and skillful registered nurses have always been in great demand. There are actually more job openings for nurses in the medial industry than there are for doctors and other technicians.

If you are eyeing that awesome job position with even awesome salary, you must know that competition for that position is going to be really hard. This is the reason why your credentials will have to be put forward in the best possible way if you want the job offer in your hands.

The goal of the cover letter is to grab the attention of the prospective employer and make him eager to read the resume. In the nursing field, cover letter for nurses is a sales tool. It must sell your skills in an exciting and convincing manner. Don’t only state what you are able to do but also tell the employer about your past experiences with exciting language that catches attention and encourages the employer to wish for knowing more about you.

You can, at all times, get information on the internet related to the cover letter for nurses. If there is uncertainty over the material you get online, you can make use of the example below which is professionally written and is reliable.

August 8, 2011
Human Resource Manager
City Hospital
Rachel Davis
418 Armstrong Rd Scottsville,
NY(New York)
(585) 538-9437

Dear Ms. Davis,

I came to know about the job openings in City Hospital that caught my interest. I would like to submit an application for the recently advertised registered nurse position.

After quite a few years of working in the medical field, and getting extra training, my dedication to nursing is as sturdy as it was the day I was given my first ever “Nursing Kit” as an intern. I value the opportunity to bring a genuine difference in patients’ daily lives and I find the work incessantly interesting and gratifying.

I got my CNA Certificate from the Auburn University, Alabama, in 2006 and worked at the Grace Hospital in Alabama itself for five years, constantly getting excellent evaluations.

It was in the year 2009 when I became a CCRN after getting my Certification in Critical Care Nursing, so I will be ready to help in your fast growing Surgical ICU too.

I have also served in procedural boards and like taking part in organizational expansion. I can multitask and I take immense pride in setting up respectful and loyal relationships with office colleagues, patients and their families.

I would like to plan a meeting with you to further assess my education and skills, and talk about how I might add to the unending tradition of brilliance at City Hospital.

You can find my resume enclosed with this mail. Many thanks for your consideration. I am hoping for a positive response from you soon.




Cover Letter for Nurses

Cover Letter for Nurses