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How to write a CV nursing assistant graduates of New CNA

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Write a resume for a new graduate program certified nursing assistant does not have to be difficult. Your future employer wants to know only that you have an accent on safety and use of standard Precautions.this resume as a guideline should help highlight the important points in your background that will help your employer medical news.

What you need: word processing program on your computer time to gather documents together to visit the Internet, and time daily to write a review patience you give your name, address, phone number home phone number if you have one, and the email address above to continue so that potential employers can contact you. This information can be lined up half the top of the page or put it below the limit of Microsoft Word to make this section stand out, if you wish.

The next section of the resume will be the objective. This objective will be modified depending upon whether you are looking for specific hours or not. I don’t recommend putting the words “entry level” in the resume as it may cause you to be screened out.


A Full-time 11 p.m.-7 a.m. position as a Certified Nursing Assistant in an environment where professionalism, and teamwork is common procedure.

In the next section, you will talk about your dates of schoolwork, the program you attended and some highlights of your clinical experience.


Good Nursing Home
Sayville, NY
• Clinical Experience
• Assisted with activities of daily living, i.e. feeding, ambulating, range of motion
• Provided daily resident hygiene care such as diaper changes; bed bath, mouth care, denture care
• Helped with intake and output, elimination and changing of soiled linens
• Utilized Standard Precautions
• Followed nursing care procedures when taking vital signs
• Practiced New York State safety standards and privacy policies