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How To Write Your CNA Resume-Give You A Resume Format

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I’ve always used what is called a “functional” resume style…instead of focusing on work experience this type of resume focuses on your skills.
for example:

Goal: (state your goal here)

CNA skills: (list, in bullets, what you know from school)

Communication skills: (list, in bullets, what comm skills you have,
have you ever worked phone lines, are
you bilingual, have you charted or recorded before)

Customer service skills: (list, in bullets, what cs skills you have. in today’s
healthcare, customer service is a priority. so if
you have experience here then list it. if you
improved cs at another job, tell them what
you did.)

Education: (list your cna scooling here)

Achievements: (list your certification, any assoc. that you belong to, and
any applicable awards received here)

This type of resume has always worked for me, no matter what type of job i’ve applied for. hr dept. know what a functional resume is, so it’s not like they would just toss it to the side as a made up resume. it’s just a different way to lay it out. normally it is for someone with no experience or someone changing jobs, so that could be a minus, but as i said, it has served me well. i hope you have a productive job search.