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It Is An Students Experience

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I was in my clinical work on a telemetry floor / MedSurg. About half of the day happened to my guardian and I have a new RN had already admitted that a nasogastric tube. He was admitted to having a peg tube placed.

The patient was really nice and even though he was in the hospital that has a sense of humor. I explained that I was a student of nursing, and that I worked with the Navy for the day. Since I try to keep the recipient of patient care comfortable, happy and satisfied to some extent, although the situation in which you are in.

Well, I guess he thought he was going to have fun with me since I am a nursing student. I got all the information necessary to complete the record, then continued talking to this group of patients. I help him in his new clothes for the hospital stay. Just a little background, if this story is heard. He had already suffered a head injury that left him in a small state. He could not speak very well, so it was difficult to understand what he said. Because of its state of being and of nasogastric tube, he could make different sounds, showing that he or his mother would notice her when she was his guardian at home. I gave him a pencil and a block for it to be another form of communication.

After about half an hour or so, began to tell me he was hungry and had not eaten for a while. I confirm that I was able to feed the patient, so the nurse and I prepare the liquid feed. I must say that this had been my first experience in this, so I’m willing to do the job.

The food was ready and asked if he was ready to eat. He smiled and shook his head “yes” while shaking his hand and a pair of noise. His mother said: “He had taken a liking to me” made me a little more comfortable and proceeded to check the contents of the stomach and started to feed him after I started .. grow in food, the patient rolled her eyes in the back of his head, made a choking noise, and grabbed his throat as if they were drowning! Being it was my first time doing this task, I was totally in shock! I stayed with my mouth open, I’m sure my eyes were the size of the Buckeyes of chocolate and I could not move.