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Nursing Cover Letters – Career and Patient Care

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Nurses are crucial at any medical institute or hospital. They can offer fundamental medical care to the sick, aid surgeons or doctors in their job, and show the tender, compassionate side of the health field. When they do so, patients feel comfortable in the hospital environment, regardless of the continuous prodding of hurting needles. Also, patients abide by doctors instructions more docilely, in spite of the prospect of further examination and scans to be carried out. Nurses are in great demand all over the world.

If you have decided to be a nursing assistant, then you must have doubtlessly studied for countless hours in nursing college so as to be outstanding amongst the many other candidates competing for the same job post. You might have worked really hard for some years to get experience in smaller clinics too, with the optimism of landing a job in an excellent paying organization based on the wideness and richness of your career. Both your marks and your experiences are significant – unfortunately, they might not even count if you do not possess people’s skills that are necessary for the nursing job.

If you are wondering how you can put your skills forward in the best possible way-read on. You need to show the prospective employer and make them believe that they cannot get a better nurse than you. One of the awesome nursing cover letters is what you need to back up your high rankings and promising career. You require a professionally written nursing cover letter, which is well-worded, to make your resume rich and desirable. The power of nursing cover letters must be put into use to show employer things that the resume cannot and that is, your persona and your zeal for your profession.

In the letter if you present yourself clearly and let the employer know about your passion, then your persona will attract attention through the letter. These are all vital factors of the nursing occupation, and a well-worded cover letter can bring success to you in you career.

One of the many examples of nursing cover letters has been written below for your reference.

Leah Donley
3648 52nd Rd Udall,
KS (Kansas)
(620) 782-3146
9th August, 2011

Mrs. Maria L Romero
Director of Nursing
Unity Medical Institute
824 Peralta St Oakland,

Dear Mrs Romero

I am enclosing my resume in this job application for the freshly advertised Registered Nurse post at Unity Medical Institute. I believe that my skills and knowledge match your requirements very well and my extra qualifications in critical care nursing makes me the perfect candidate for this position.

Some vital relevant points that might help you with your decision are:

  • I am a Bachelor of Science graduate in Nursing from Columbia University, New York and I possess Critical Care Nursing (CCN) certificate.
  • I have experience taking care of a wide range of patients, right from new-born to old people in different circumstances including contagious diseases, oncology, medicinal, ICU, post-operative and emergency branches.
  • Some of my areas of proficiency comprise of CCU and Intensive Care Unit, emergency dealings and counseling sessions with patients and their families, intravenous therapy, and general support and help.
  • I have proved over time that I am a very motivated nurse along with the capability to stay focused and self-governing in extremely stressful working conditions.

I strongly believe that my dedication towards patient care and the skill to work as an integrated part of a medical team would let me to make an important contribution to the custom of fineness at Unity Medical Institute. A demanding work-place like yours will provide me the chance to utilize my skills to the best of level and gain more knowledge as a medical care expert.

I would be glad to get a chance in the interview process for this post and talk about the ways I can meet your needs as a nurse. Please call me via telephone or e-mail to fix a mutually suitable date and time for the meeting.

Thank you for your consideration and valuable time.


Nancy Baker


Nursing Cover Letters – Career and Patient Care

Nursing Cover Letters – Career and Patient Care

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