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One Of The Satisfying activities In Your Nuising Job

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Nursing interventions are created moments. For me, “real nursing” is a moment created to identify and intervene in a patient and influence the patient to change behavior or wrong thinking that keeps them from healing.

Last night, I noticed that A-fibers had rejected Coumadin. It is wrong because the file-A box with a very high risk of stroke and myocardial infarction, if anticoagulation is essential for their treatment. I stopped what I was talking to my patient on microemboli and how they form and what may happen. The patient was impressed. My explanation was clear and easy to understand. I ended up with “Look, it’s certainly your decision, but I just wanted you to know that without proper treatment, you’re putting yourself at risk for a heart attack or a stroke.”

That kind of thing is the stuff that we nurses are crucial for our patients. That kind of thing can save lives by increasing or compliance with therapy is initiated. That kind of thing is the material that is at the bottom of the priority list when we are involved in passing the pills, evaluate yourself and unloading patients.The patients do not know what they’re missing. But I’m sure it took me 15 minutes to develop a relationship with the patient, he is compliant with treatment and live for many years, the brain and heart intact.

These interventions can not measure intangibles, do not have the door of the envelope is made, and that never appear in the annual assessments. But you know, and who knows the patient if not for education, referring to the time it took to help the patient understand what was happening to his illness, he could not live in a year or two. With as teaching, I saved a life and raise a family for the pain as surely as if he had jumped into the chest of a patient death and had not interfered with CPR.But now my assignment, or put me behind my job, so I recorded a few minutes late, the importance of what I did for the patient has not changed – I would be labeled negatively by my boss and my peers.

I stand by my choice and really believe that my nursing skills in patient education is equally important – if not more, in some cases – that physical administer medications and treatments. Only one of the most important relationships in the nurse-patient relationship that allows nurses to professions.I others have less and less time to educate my patients and help them learn about their conditions. It is very frustrating. It bothers me to think that months from now, when I care for a stroke patient who is in a vegetative state, I wonder if they tried to educate him back when he was diagnosed to have A-FIB. As we all know it takes more than a “Here, read these pamphlets” and proceed to the next step. Sometimes time management directive should be temporarily suspended.

I want to encourage nurses working in hospitals that are missing in the line a little less to stay a few more minutes, perhaps to take Ding on the annual evaluation of only a few minutes of “excess overtime.” I remind everyone that the time to educate the patient is almost as important as the status code. You can get a reputation for being “slow,” as I did, but at least you’ll rest easy knowing that your tuition has saved someone’s life.

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