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Sample Medical Assistant Cover Letter – A Brief Description with Example

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As you might know, nursing is one of the most sought after careers in today’s times. Apart from being considered as the noblest of jobs, nursing profession also pays you big bucks. Good money is one of the most important factors because of which there is fierce competition amongst those seeking job as a medical assistant. If you are among the people who desire to be ahead in the competition then you must make sure that the initial step is taken in the right manner.

Writing an impressive cover letter for your job application is one of the initial steps. You can use a sample medical assistant cover letter as a base when writing the letter. Sample letters help you with the format and text of your cover letter. Any good sample medical assistant cover letter will give you tips on how to highlight your strong points so as to catch the employer’s attention. One such sample letter is as follows:-

Sue Schuetze
W Hess Rd Prosser, WA (Washington)
Date: 8th August, 2011

Craig M. Knoll,
HR Manager, Carlos Health Care, Inc.,
4210 NE Seventh StRenton, WA

Dear Mr. Knoll,

I read your job posting in Employment News regarding the position for a medical assistant. I would like to thank you for the same and express my excitement over the opportunity. I believe that I am well-qualified for this job and can meet your requirements perfectly.

I studied at New York University and pursued High School Diploma in Nursing. I am CPR Certified and I also own Certificate of Medication Aide. I have been working as a medical assistant for five years. Performing preliminary medical tests on patients and maintenance of safe work environment have been part of my responsibilities. I have always followed medical standards strictly and performed the procedures expertly. Patient nature, great communication skills and confidence are some of my other strong points.

It would be a matter of pride for me if I get to join your prestigious organization. I would like to have a meeting with you in order to discuss how the experience gained by me and my educational background can prove valuable to your organization. I will be glad to pay a visit to your office any working day. You can find my phone number and email address in the resume enclosed with this mail. Accept my thanks for considering my application.

Sue Schuetze



The sample medical assistant cover letter that you read above is just one of the examples. There are many different types of sample letters available. They differ in content, layout and basic organization of the template. You can choose what suits you the best.

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